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Eratz Oil & Gas was created in Dallas, Texas, on July 27, 1989, to acquire, initiate, manage, supervise, and operate oil and gas ventures, and to engage in oil and gas exploration and development.

President and CEO - Sam Roden

Sam Roden, President
Sam Roden, President
Samuel H. Roden personifies the entrepreneurial "can-do" spirit of O&G independents. Born 1957 in Jacksonville Florida, he started his O&G career with Union Oil in 1983 after attending the University of Florida. He quickly moved up the "Institutional Sales" corporate ladder where he acquired the skills for developing O&G joint ventures.

Sam realized that with his personal drive, energy and ability he knew he could "do a better job" for investors by starting his own company, so he created Eratz Oil & Gas 1989 in Dallas, Texas. Its mission: to build on "Wisdom and Trust" a hard-working O&G independent that will make money for investors by engaging in O&G exploration and development. It was built to lease, develop, manage and operate oil and gas joint ventures. Since then, Sam has been personally involved in all drilling and operations for nearly 300 wells in Texas and Oklahoma. And he has grown his company to include all administrative and field operation activities.

Sam knows he is a blessed man; he is happily married with four children, and Eratz has grown steadily too without the proverbial oil and gas industry pitfalls, bankruptcies and lawsuits - not a single one! In addition to a loving family and strong active ties to his community, Sam is a highly respected member of the Dallas-Fort Worth business community, Sam is also very active in country music, both as composer and musician.

Chief Geologist - Clifton Kees

Clifton Kees is Chief Geologist for Eratz. He has been working with Eratz for over 25 years and has over 40 years combined experience in O&G exploration, project management and mechanical engineering.

Born in New Orleans, he holds degrees from University of Oklahoma and Louisiana State University in geological and mechanical engineering. Prior to forming his own company, Clifton held senior positions in geology and engineering at companies like Shell Oil and Crystal Oil.. He has managed exploration and drilling operations in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and Colorado.

Accounting and Financial Services - Gary Hoskins

Gary Hoskins is Eratz Certified Public Accountant. He started his career with Hunt Oil Company in Dallas and gained experience with other O&G companies before starting his own firm in 1980. His company specializes in providing a complete package of financial services to O&G independents and has been working with Eratz for over 25 years.

Field Operations - Ruthson Energy

Ruthson Energy is a subsidiary of Eratz that handles all field operations for the joint venture wells managed by Eratz. Ruthson maintains a staff of field and petroleum engineers who monitor daily production and service activities. Working at the wellhead, they have in-depth knowledge and experience for cost-effective production maintenance.

Business/Administrative Operations - Eratz Corporate Headquarters

Eratz has a team of 15 professionals handling all daily business and administrative operations including office administration, sales and marketing, and most importantly investor relations.

Due Diligence Checklist

Eratz Oil & Gas
5151 Beltline Road
Suite 835
Dallas, TX 75254
Phone: 972-392-2677

We take pride in being what we say we are: "A hard-working, experienced and honest O&G Independent built on Wisdom and Trust". We have contacted thousands of potential investors during the last 20 years, and hundreds of them have joined our "Eratz family". In all this time, we have had complaints from only two people who inadvertently received copies of our joint venture proposals when they were not accredited investors. Subsequent discussions with their state agencies confirmed the complaints were groundless, and nothing became of them. So, the record shows we treat our investors very well!

Please use the following information if you would like to "check our credentials" for yourself. You will find out that we are what we say!

Texas Railroad Operator License Number: 253336

Operator and Accounting Firm of Record:

Ruthson Energy
c/o Gary Hoskins
101 E. Park Blvd.
Suite 1039 LB 63
Plano, TX 75074
Phone: 972-509-0222

Drilling Track Record: Available Upon Request

Joint Venture Partner References: Available Upon Request

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