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Why you should consider Oil & Gas Joint Ventures!

  • You believe in Providence, yourself and a trusted few.
  • You worked hard to achieve a respectable level of financial security, but you would never consider yourself worldly rich. Rather, you see yourself and your family as blessed with abundance.
  • You learned early in life that nothing worthwhile comes easy, so you work hard, complain little, and are willing to take risks when the rewards are worth it.
  • You won more than you lost, but it's your hard-fought failures that have taught you the most.
  • You like the idea of investing in something substantial that is part of America! Something tangible that you can show your grandchildren. You are ready for investments other than what Wall Street offers.
  • You value Relationships. Family is paramount.
  • You place Wisdom and Trust uppermost in your mind.

These are some of the main reasons why you should consider O&G joint ventures. What follows is a candid explanation of what oil and gas joint ventures are, what types of investors may benefit from them, and what to look for in the offering company. It also explains why you should contact Eratz Oil & Gas to discuss them further.

Oil and Gas Investors Handbook

We offer at no obligation our FREE Oil and Gas Investors Handbook to educate private investors about investing in oil and gas. Just complete our very short Investor Suitability Questionnaire to get yours today! Click the link below to complete our very short Investor Suitability Questionnaire and receive a FREE copy of our Oil and Gas Investors Handbook.

What is an Oil and Gas Joint Venture?

In simple terms, it is a partner owned business entity that actively participates in oil and gas production by drilling oil and gas wells. If all goes "according to plan" (producing well), the partners increase their net worth and monthly income. In the "worst case scenario" (dry hole), they can write off most of the investment against income for tax purposes.

Oil and gas joint ventures have been around for years and have a checkered past. Historically, disreputable promoters, unreliable and bad operators, periodic boom/bust in oil prices and the public's misunderstanding of the industry/risks have all contributed to investor skepticism.

Today's joint ventures have come a long way in overcoming these negatives. Yes, risks still exist (as in every business opportunity) but they are more than offset by potential returns. Your challenge as an investor is selecting the right company to partner with.

What type of Investors might be Interested?

Thousands of individuals each year invest in joint ventures. In general, they are:

  • Mature and financially successful persons (financial net worth exceeding $1 million or annual income greater than $200 thousand; $300 thousand if filing joint).
  • Want to increase net worth and monthly income more than what is offered by stocks and bonds.
  • Able to take advantage of significant tax write-offs and shelters.
  • Need to rebalance their investment portfolio.
  • Ready to allocate a portion of their assets to joint ventures.
  • Confident to handle risk/reward benefits by building over time a portfolio of joint venture projects with a suitable oil and gas joint venture company.
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