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Joint Ventures

We have 30 plus years experience putting together joint ventures that earn money for our Investor Partners. Built on Wisdom and Trust, we know what works because we stay in our lane by holding true to our business model. By trusting in Providence for His wisdom, harnessing our talents and resources, and then working harder than most oil and gas companies; we are able to offer low-risk and great-return joint ventures.

Within this tab:

  • Please take a look at our Current Ventures. These sites are rich in history and embody the optimism and tenacity of our earliest settlers. They have passed our in-house due diligence, so we are confident they will meet our financial expectations.
  • Consider our Track Record. Notice that it's honest, it's real, and it's current. You will see that our success record is very good. Yes, we've had dry holes and a few sites that didn't pan out, but our overall track record is outstanding. And as Eratz employs new technologies coupled with ever-growing experience, our drilling record will just get better and better.
  • Take a look at Well Sites for a pictorial overview of our well operations.
  • Watch our Blowout Video.

We expect our current joint ventures will continue earning our Investor Partners' trust.

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