Eratz Oil & Gas - Oil and Gas Exploration and Development - Dallas, TX

Investor Suitability Questionnaire

Please complete our investory suitability questionnaire to see if we are a good fit and to receive a FREE copy of our "Oil and Gas Investors Guide" handbook.

1. What has been your experience in oil and gas? *

2. Why do you want to invest in oil and gas? (Select all that apply.) *

3. When you invest, what do you look at when making a decision about a company? (Select all that apply.) *

4. Do you make all your own financial decisions without any advice from brokers, advisors, or accountants? (Except for tax implications.) *

5. When you speculate, what is your level of risk? *

6. At this time, what is your interest level in investing in oil and gas? *

7. Provide us with your contact information.

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