Eratz Oil & Gas - Oil and Gas Exploration and Development - Dallas, TX

Oil & Gas Considerations

We want you to appreciate that we are committed to performing all due diligence required to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations with our offerings in your state. Please consider these talking points when evaluating oil & gas ventures.

  • Is the company compliant with your state's laws and regulations? Regretfully, most are not. You certainly know the company isn't if they send it via email. A big SEC no-no.

  • Is the company a bonded operator, and does it drill the wells? Again, most are not. Most telephone reps work for middlemen and those "promoters" make big money whether the well comes in or not. Very expensive.

  • Does the company have its own skin in the game? And we mean real cash money, not a small, single digit percentage or percentage ownership of future barrelage. No accountability.

  • Are they efficient? Simple test: Anything exceeding $250/foot of drilling on a 4-5,000 foot vertical well suggests either an inefficiently run operation (bad operator/driller) or the venture is promoted. Incompetent and fat.

  • Texas leads the nation in oil production, drastically cutting our country's reliance on foreign oil. It's exciting to be a part of the oil patch, and it's going to get even better!

  • Today's drilling is much safer and more intelligent. With current technology and focused veterans, the probability of being part of a 12-15 year productive well is extremely high.

  • Return on Investment is exceptional and that doesn't include the IDC tax benefits! Trumping the "Rule of 72", our investors enjoy a ROI ranging from 14-36 months.

  • Investing in America! Let others trade paper where head-scratching arbitrary run0upos and institutional run-downs destroy retirement portfolios. This is real, honorable, and needed.

  • Warren Buffet said, "Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy." Who can argue with the Wizard of Omaha? Contrarians rule, and they make their riches when others run scared.

  • Oil will be around for a long time. Opportunities won't. The best time for the private investor to make real money is when institutional investors sit on the sidelines. So when prices go up - and they will - the big guys will force the small guy out of the market. They get rich. You get crushed.

  • Our best projects are offered now. The price of oil is down. What's new? We started this company when the price of oil was only $8 per barrel, and we made money for our intrepid investors then. That's precisely why we offer our best projects now!

  • The world is really crazy right now. So as America turns its eyes inward for economic and political stability and leadership, it returns to its Providential values. Honestly, do you really want to place your energy hopes or bets on OPEC or Russia?
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