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Why Now

Why should I invest "Now" in Eratz's Current Joint Venture?

Now that is a great question! After all, shouldn't a savvy investor pick the best time for buying? Well the short answer is: Now is always a great time to buy Eratz joint ventures! Let's explain:

  • Going on three decades, we've made our investors a great deal of money by drilling and operating wells through all business cycles, the good and the bad. Our dependable wells produce oil and gas for many years regardless of short-term down cycles. To that point, Eratz was started in 1989 when the price of oil was just $8/barrel! The smart investor bets on the merit of each project and the people in it; he doesn't try to "time the market." Do you know when professional money managers call on "market timers?" They don't. They're always broke!
  • Overall demand for oil and gas continues to grow. As the world's middle class expands along with its standard of living, so does its demand for modern conveniences and freedoms. The hunger for smart-phones, quiet trains and fast autos equates to greater energy demand. And at this time--and for the next 25-50 years--the most economical way of satisfying this hunger is oil and gas. As you've heard it said, "Once the country boy tastes 'the good life' there's no going back."
  • Oil and gas will continue to play a major energy role into the foreseeable future. Big Oil knows that "Peak Oil Demand" will eventually come. That's why they invest billions of dollars on alternative fuel/energy delivery systems. But, it is not "just around the corner" because such profound fundamental changes will require massive re-structuring of the world's economic, financial and energy markets. So…unless the world goes cataclysmically dark or until green/renewable energy becomes competitively priced, oil and gas will be around for at long time.
  • U.S. production of oil and gas will play an increasingly larger role on the world market-and Texas leads the way! Besides…do you really want to place your energy hopes or bets on OPEC or Russia?

So the bottom line is this: It is always a great time to invest in our joint ventures because we and our joint ventures are built for long-term success in the vital U.S. Oilpatch!

When you invest in our joint ventures, you need to understand the details. Proper joint venture documents tend to be tedious because…well…they're legal documents that must meet strict Security and Exchange Commission regulations. Investors compare reading them to drinking from a fire hose: the volume of information and terminology are overwhelming! Most investors need assistance understanding the details.

We have put together an "O&G Joint Venture Checklist" to help you organize the most important information. (It is located in the "New Investors" tab). After you read the joint venture documents, you can use it to summarize the important facts and figures. When you are done, please call us! We will then confirm why you should invest with us now!

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