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Why Us

Why should I invest in Eratz Joint Ventures?

Thank you for asking! This is an important question for you the investor. You have worked hard to build wealth and you want to invest wisely. You want to invest with someone who knows how to make money; someone you can trust.

Eratz is "Built on Wisdom and Trust". We've learned through experience and expertise how best to find and develop wells, and we know that trust is the foundation for doing business…so, here are some good reasons why you should invest with us:

  • "We stay in our lane". We've done the super deep drills, the miles of horizontal pipe, hydraulic fracking, etc. but in the final analysis, we stick to what has consistently provided the highest returns for our investors. We specialize in vertical offsets of producing wells, wells in under-developed tracts, or wells that were bungled by incompetent operators. We might not be flashy or "sexy" but after-all, it's capital returns that you want, not just tall stories and lame excuses.
  • "We provide the biggest bang for the buck". When you invest you simply get a lot more for your money than with other companies. The fact is that most joint venture offerings are promoted or go through a brokerage firm-often both. We call this as "fat". Since we drill and operate each well, we stay lean and hungry, The net result is that our breakeven point per barrel of oil is considerably less than the more expensive offerings. It doesn't take many barrels of oils to make a profit with Eratz.
  • "We're lean and clean". When you've been doing something almost three decades, you learn a few things. The first thing is this: Oil and gas ventures are not for everyone. We always state the inherent risk, anticipated reward, set proper expectations, etc. Eratz must be doing something right because we've never had a single lawsuit from anyone be it investor, supplier, or worker! Plus, Eratz has never filed for bankruptcy. If you've done any research on oil and gas companies, you should know how rare this is! The second thing: We stay true. Most companies in this industry have packed-up, left town, and then reopened with different names just to distance themselves from their trailing lawsuits, bad performances and numerous bankruptcies. We've been in the same building since 1991!
  • "We have our own skin in the game". We invest our own money alongside our investors in all our joint ventures. Why would you invest in a company that doesn't invest in its own projects? We own at least one eighth of a well--often a lot more. So when the revenue checks start to fly, you'll get your check the same day we do since we are just another lucky investor!
  • "We stick with our business model". Again, this is a form of staying in our lane, We accept that some prospects like the multiple well deals, with hydraulic fracking where they are told they will make millions of dollars in a few short years. Good luck... Our business model is the 20-80 barrels of daily production, each well, year in year out. With our efficiencies and cost efficacy, our 30 barrel-a-day well compares to a 200 barrel-a-day well and for a fraction of the investment!

Please explore our website to learn more about us. And after doing so, we invite you to contact us to learn more about our current joint venture opportunities.

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